Chiropractic Testimonials

"Charlotte provides the best customer service I've ever received anywhere! Dr. Nick and Dr. Carlyn fixed my back pain after I had taken a fall down the stairs. Thanks for helping me feel better!"

- Tina

"In my Zumba class, I can do more jumps and jumping jacks way easier than I used to."

- Caitlin

"I love Dr. Carlyn - I always feel so refreshed after seeing her. She addresses so much more than the spine - what a gift to find her."

- Anonymous

"Omg, Dr. C fixed me today!! She's Amazing."

- Diane

"I've been seeing chiropractors since I was 16 & none of them treated me with as much care as Dr. Nick. With my previous chiropractors, there's been no tests run, explanations given, or any actual plans of action to address my problems. Dr. Nick is the complete opposite and his staff is unmatched."

- Kayla W.

"I became a client of Dr. Nick in December of 2016. I was a mess. I couldn't walk 50 yards without being in tear-jerking pain. He was honest. He looked at my MRI and did his own scans. I had stenosis and was very overweight. He said, I can help you but you need to help yourself as well; weight loss and prescribed activity. He was nonjudgmental, empathetic, and kind in his assessment.

Dr. Nick said he would see me through the journey and he did. Since the beginning, I've lost 150 lbs and exercise every day including walking 3 miles and working out at the gym.

Also, I went from 3 times a week for an intense treatment to the present where I see the Doc once a month for maintenance. It's been an amazing transformation. The Doc has been inspirational in his support and treatment. It is without hesitation that I recommend his services."

- Bill H.

"I came to Dr. Nick barely able to walk since I was in so much pain. He helped me overcome my fear of adjustments and made me feel like a new person in less than a month. After I hurt myself again the recovery was much faster."

- Adam E.

"In June 2018, I was a victim of a hit and run car accident. I was treated for a year and a half by another facility which was helpful but I still continued to have pain. Recently I sought treatment from Dr. Nick for my neck pain. My progress has been steady and I can finally say I am on the road to recovery.

Dr. Nick is extremely professional and is up-to-date on the latest research. He utilizes best practices. Besides being a good listener, Dr. Nick is caring and empathetic. The Nova Chiropractic office is always friendly and provides excellent customer service. Dr. Nick has my highest recommendation and endorsement for outstanding chiropractic care."

- Carolyn P.

"I started treatment with Dr. Nick as a skeptic. I never really believed chiropractic care would help me. However, Dr. Nick's blend of chiropractic care and knowledge of the muscular system was exactly what I needed to alleviate my pain issues. I was pain-free for some time, then it came back.

Dr. Nick had moved his office to Berkley and I have been making a 30-minute drive to the office because that is how much faith I have in his care. I highly recommend him to anyone dealing with chronic or acute pain, believer, or skeptics. It works!"

- Stephanie C.

"When I decided to seek treatment for my sciatica and hip problems I was a little nervous about seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Nick is so nice and extremely knowledgeable. He put me at ease on my very first visit/consult. I really appreciate his integrated approach. He walked me through everything that he found and made a plan specifically for me.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, he gave me strength and flexibility exercises to compliment chiropractic care. Dr. Nick cares about his patients and his office feels more like visiting a friend's house than a medical office.

Dr. Nick is also vested in his community and participates in events to support Downtown Berkley. I recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic and wellness care. I am now enjoying an active lifestyle again thanks to Dr. Nick!"

- Lindsey T.

"I started seeing Dr. Nick for back pain during lifting and work. After weeks of multiple visits and work at home, my back and entire body began feeling great. My athletic and work performance returned to normal and started improving again."

- Armen B.

"Dr. Nick is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He cares about his patients and is good at what he does. Highly recommend."

- Bradley A.

"Dr. Nick is a great doctor. He helped with my neck pain after seeing 2 doctors and physical therapy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with any body pain. P.S. I love the girls at the desk, very sweet."

- Lisa R.

"Dr. Nick has given me consistent/quality care. My lower back spasms from working both a desk job and labor have subsided. He gives you exercises to help on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend seeing Dr. Nick to anyone looking to feel better on a regular basis. He has helped me tremendously."

- Sean M.

"Dr. Nick and his staff are great! Dr. Nick is very caring and personable. He treats his patients with the utmost respect and creates great plans to get your body in the best possible shape. He truly cares about his patients' well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Nick and Nova Chiropractic."

- Christina F.

"I see Nick every 2 weeks to maintain my balance and quality of life. Keeping my spine inline leads to less pain, better sleep, and increased system function."

- Victor P.

"As a former college athlete, I have always prided myself on staying in shape and injury prevention. While training for a race I suffered a lower back injury and was sent to an orthopedic surgeon and physical therapy. I ended up re-injuring my back during therapy and began looking for alternative forms of therapy.

That's when I stumbled across Dr. Nick and set up an appointment. Right away I could see the scientific approach Dr. Nick took while analyzing my anatomy and physiology. He spent significant time with me walking through an in-depth plan for recovery. Dr. Nick couples his manual therapy with dynamic exercise to ensure the affected area is being structurally corrected and strengthened.

I am very happy to say that after 4 months of working with Dr. Nick my strength and mobility have been completely restored, if not better than before the injury. I would highly recommend Dr. Nick and his staff if you're looking for a while rounded approach to your injury! 10/10!"

- Ian R.

"A quick google search and great reviews led me to Dr. Nick's office and I couldn't be happier! When you enter you are greeted by friendly smiles and a happy and sweet puppy named Milo!

Dr. Nick listened carefully to all my fears about chiropractors and has made me a believer! My migraines are all but gone and between Dr. Nick and Nikki, the massage therapist, I feel I am on a great path to health!"

- Laura N.

"Dr. Nick has been great in evaluating my needs and offering various courses of treatment. He is patient and answers all the questions that I have. I've experienced improvements with my overall posture and alignment."

- Brian G.

"I have been seeking chiropractic care for many years and thought I was happy with each doctor but Dr. Nick's care is far and above what I have ever received. My body hasn't tolerated running in 4 years. Now with Dr. Nick, I am back to doing one of my favorite forms of exercise. This has been a great experience."

- Stacy D.

"Best chiro care and massage therapists I've ever worked with! Very knowledgeable and kind. Love, love, love!"

- Alyssa D.

"My neck and back were very bad and I was in pain. I met Dr. Nick at the Clawson Farmers Market. Like 99% of everyone, I saw Dr. Nick and thought, why not chiropractic care? So I started, and slowly I was getting my spine back to normal. Then I went on maintenance! I was feeling great.

Then I did what most people do… I feel great so I do not need to go anymore. Slowly my neck and back started hurting so I made an appointment with Dr. Nick and my back responded and here I am writing about it. But the amazing part is my husband watched all this and he saw me get my life back, so he is now a patient of Dr. Nick's and he is feeling great too."

- Diane G.

"Dr. Nick and his staff are extremely friendly and helpful. He takes the time to listen to any issues you may have and then thoroughly explain what the plan of attack is. This could include how often to come in, and a list of exercises for you to do at home. If you have never been to a chiro before or are nervous, Nova is a great place to go to."

- Bre'Elle B.

"Dr. Nick is awesome. I love the fact that he takes his time to show me exercises and different workouts I can do at the gym to help prevent/correct my back problems. Dr. Nick goes the extra mile to ensure he is doing everything he can to help me. I will continue to see Dr. Nick. Very personable and friendly."

- Brian B.

"Dr. Nick is a knowledgeable doctor who truly cares about his patient's well-being!"

- Ed S.

"Great chiropractor and staff!! Many great experiences here."

- Megan S.


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