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Chiropractor Berkley MI Nick Novakoski


Nick Novakoski D.C.

I love what I do! Not many people get to say that in today's world. I originally found chiropractic when I was attending Michigan State. My younger brother had significant low back pain and after years of going to pediatricians, orthopedists, and physical therapists no one seemed to be able to help him. My mom tried chiropractic as a last resort and within 3 weeks, he was pain-free! I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field.

So, I had been shadowing medical doctors, dentists, and physical therapists. I had never considered chiropractic! I decided to shadow Dr. Rodger Massa, the chiropractor that helped my brother. He was extremely knowledgeable and loved his job, but the thing that stuck out the most was how happy his patients were! I had never seen that before in a medical office.

I graduated from Logan University in 2014 where I specialized in working with athletes, but it was not until I found out I was expecting his first child did I find my true passion in chiropractic: working with children and families!

I started advanced training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association where I obtained my Webster Certification, the gold standard in prenatal chiropractic adjusting protocols. I also work with Epic Pediatrics, a group of chiropractors who trains weekly on the most up-to-date pediatric chiropractic procedures so we can deliver the highest possible quality of care.

In my free time, I love spending time with family, working out, and attending Detroit athletic events!

Chiropractic Berkley MI Danielle


I happily joined the Nova Chiropractic team in October 2019. After starting as a patient with Dr. Nick, I was drawn to the positivity and upbeat atmosphere at the clinic that is a rare find in a typical doctor's office setting. One of my favorite parts about joining the team is getting to see our patients improving and hitting new goals every time they come in for an appointment.

I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree, with a concentration in microscopes, in December of 2018. When not at the office I love being active with things like hiking, yoga, running and, keeping busy with other hobbies which include reading, pottery, indoor gardening, crafting, and hanging out with my pet bunny. I also love to travel and am a total foodie, anytime you’re in the office I’d love suggestions of where to check out next!

Chiropractic Berkley MI Charlotte Practice Representative


I joined Nova Chiropractic May 2018 as a Practice Representative. I took a step back from the chiropractic community in order to advance my career in the event industry; however, it was impossible for me to stay away from this team! I have such great respect for Dr. Nick and the work he provides to his patients and seeing them progress towards their goals. We have become a very close family and never put less than 100% into our work because of the importance we see in chiropractic.

Chiropractic Berkley MI Erica


I met Dr. Nick in the fall of 2014. One of our first conversations that night was about the benefits of chiropractic, but chiropractic wasn’t new to me. I grew up going to a chiropractor with my mom - she always said it was the best thing for her during her pregnancies.

Dr. Nick and I got married in the fall of 2016 and had our first baby (Claire) in May of 2020. Now more than ever, I understand the benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy and during the early years of a child’s life.

Along with working at an appraisal management firm, I assist Dr. Nick and the Nova team at the clinic with items including budgeting, events, taking care of our awesome puppy Milo!

Chiropractic Berkley MI Milo


I’m a cockapoo and was born on March 18th, 2018 in Noblesville, Indiana. I started working as the office greeter here at Nova Chiropractic at just 9 weeks old. I have completed advanced dog training through Canine Academy and graduated with honors receiving my AKC Community Canine Good Citizen certification. I decided to go back to school to learn how to better help our patients and I am currently working on my therapy dog certification.

In my free time, I enjoy naps, squirrels, tug of war, and treats. I am typically very well behaved and I do not shed. If you prefer your space, I’d be more than happy to greet you through my office door (baby gate).


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