Chiropractor Nick Novakoski D.C.

Chiropractor Berkley MI Nick Novakoski

Dr. Nick was born in Grand Ledge, MI, and attended Michigan State University for his undergraduate education. He chose Logan University in St. Louis, MO, to complete his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

While Dr. Nick was completing his chiropractic studies, he also worked as a Personal Trainer at Life Time Fitness.

He created custom fitness programs focusing specifically on corrective exercise, weight loss and performance enhancement. He also interned in the Biofreeze Sports and Rehabilitation Center where he helped rehabilitate many athletes, ranging from the middle school to professional level. In addition, he was a member of St. Clair High School’s athletic training staff.

Dr. Nick’s goal is to help patients continue doing what they love, whether that is running a marathon or just being able to play with their kids. He specializes in treating a variety of neurological, muscular and skeletal conditions including postural correction and optimization, sports injuries, headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, and sciatica. He is also certified with the Titleist Performance Institute which allows him to coordinate care with local golf and fitness professionals to optimize golf swing mechanics.

In his free time, he enjoys attending Detroit athletic events, golfing, Crossfit, practicing yoga, doing weight training and spending time with family and friends.


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